To Pitre or not to Pitre?

That is the question!

Indeed, my whole life I’ve been destined to be an actor. The French word “pitre” means clown, from the famous French saying “Cesse de faire le pitre!” (Stop being a clown!) I cannot stop being who I am, so I must be the Fool who plays the parts of other people in search of a laugh, a cry and, maybe along the way, our common humanity.

Indeed, I am an actor among other things, but I wear many other hats too: writer, clown, teacher, screenwriter, director, playwright, acting coach, and the list goes on… You might know me (from the streets of Montreal, a VIA Rail commercial where I was an elf, the stage at the Centaur Theatre, videogame characters, or from a film/TV set), but I thought I’d start sharing a bit about my life, my career, my thoughts and my feelings on this page, because… well, heck, it’s my website!

So here I go, launching into the unknown, one story at a time.

See ya later, alligator.

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